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The online version of the Formula Applet Editor (QuickEdit)

Experimental version

bitte warten

Integrating a formula applet into a wiki

If you want to integrate a formula applet in to a MediaWiki, the quick editor creates the required text for the wiki.

  • The wiki has to be a MediaWiki and the formula applet extension has to be installed.
  • Choose New - Equpotation (auto-mode) in the top left corner.
  • Enter an equotation; you can use the context menu by right clicking.
  • Mark the part of the term, which should be entered. (Edit - Set Input Field)
  • In the box at the bottom the full text for the wiki will appear after confirming with enter.
  • Clicking at the box will mark the whole text now you can copy it in to the wiki by using the clipboard.
  • Additionally you can add certain parameters.

New features

  • provides indices (shift- down arrow).
  • provides per mille (alt-shift-% or right mouse click <RCM_permil>)
  • test mode implemented.
  • used JAR-file: gf04.jar

Old version

  • Testing the created formula applet is only possible by uploading to wiki.
  • Online at QuickEdit.
  • Limited functionality (roots , functions,... blocked).
  • Editor can't be integrated in to a wiki.
  • used JAR-file: gf03.jar