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Welcome to the formula applet

What is the formula applet?

The formula applet allows you to type a mathematical term (formula) into an input box on a web page. Your input is then compared with a solution. It is indicated according to colour whether the input is right or wrong.

With the help of the formula applet you can create your own mathematical exercises and you will get instant feedback whether the solution is right or wrong.

See an example.

What are the advantages of the formula applet?

  • No installation whatsoever is necessary - only a browser with Java installed.
  • Input is formatted the way you are used to from blackboard work (e.g. fraction lines, roots and so on.)
  • Algebraically equivalent solutions are recognised and accepted by the formula applet. For example, it doesn't matter if you type a-x, -x+a or even -(x-a).
  • You can vary the degree of precision of your numeric input, e.g. digits after comma.
  • A click with the right mouse button shows a context menu (help for input).
  • If the term does not fit into the input box, font size is adjusted automatically.

How do I use the formula applet?

See the examples of exercises.

Technical requirements.

  • Browser with Java installed (Java version > 1.4.2)
  • Activated JavaScript.

Some examples of exercises are available for download.


Contact details and other information can be found on this page.


Here you can have a look at planned and former developments of the formula editor.


The download page has several files for downloading.