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Projected developments

Output of expression in form of a tree.✔(within the editor)
Connection to database.
Connection with CAS.
Sum sign.

Former published versions of input-applet

Formula applet editor, version 0.14.92 and Quick-Editor, version 0.15.06 from January 2010

Export to MediaWiki.
Choice of the unit-mode: math/physics/ask.
Automatical registration of physical units (still experimental).
Formula applet, version 0.14.68 from June 2009

Input of physical units (still experimental).
To avoid incompatibilities at already published exercises, it had to be used a former version for the formula applet than for the editors.

Version 0.14.54 from 16-03-2009

New: The combi applet combines input and output applet.
Advantage 1: Combi applet can render equations.
Advantage 2: Manually adjusting of offset values and witdh of output applet is not necessary any longer.
Advantage 3: In automatic mode solution has no longer to be eingeben edited. The applet checks, if the equation is true or wrong.
Advantage 4: In manual mode problems with integrals and limits are anymore possible. The applet can only render integrals and limits, not calculate. So like before, the solution (generally the right side of the equation)has to be denounced.
In a technical manner, the combi applet in no new Java class, ut a enhancement of the input applet.
To-Do: Adaption of QuickEditor (by now only tentative). Adaption of problem editor

Former versions